Photography and Careers in Capturing Ideas

Photography and Careers in Capturing Ideas

Pictures are representations of the past. They provide concrete details not found in paintings or words, such as wrinkles in clothing. They provide a symbolic definition that can be used as a memory, as an idealization.

Whether black and white or digital, all images carry the bias of an editor, a fact usually forgotten.  It is the photographers’ discretion as to what these images become, a cherished moment or a published livelihood.

Photography transforms from an enjoyable pass-time to an essential passion when utilized as a career. Medicine, advertising, journalism, and other industries utilize photographers and their trade to help benefit populations or sell an idea. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these photographers, both staff and self-employed, earn more than $36 thousand a year.

Commercial and other fashion photographers enjoy the benefits of traveling and health insurance. They also demonstrate when the ability to capture a unique image becomes the need to capture a unique idea. These images are recorded, saved and go down in history. They become artifacts that come to assist in understanding the past. They become idealizations of past events.

Editorial photographers hold their influence over current and future events through the news media, reports and books. Every editor has a bias and publicizes that idea with through the photographs he or she selects.  These photographs are displayed on every 5 o’clock broadcast, on every website. These photographs work to control audience reaction and influence their future actions.

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