Writing 101

Writing 101



The world of writing is vast and varied, from the corporate copywriter to the diligent journalist and all the way to the fiction novelist there is a wealth of careers and opportunities to be had in writing. For more information about careers in writing and how to land your dream job check out the following resources:

5 Steps to Becoming a Freelance WriterBecoming a Freelance Writer may seem like a daunting task rife with pitfalls and uncertainty but with that independence comes a sense of excitement and freedom. This guide will help writers begin their careers with a bit of knowledge, a dash of talent and some tenacity.

10 Tips for Making it as a Freelance WriterSo you’re off and running as a freelancer for hire! Where do you go now and how do you ensure the gigs keep rolling in? Here are ten tips to see your career as a writer flourish!

5 Tips to Landing a Freelance Writing Gig:  When searching for a freelance writing position, one should proceed with caution. There are many offers with too good to be true promises that actually are and many that similarly cannot be trusted.

5 Tips for Freelance Writers:  For many writers launching a successful career as a freelancer may seem fun and glamorous as it affords a sense of independence and opportunity that few other positions can match.

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